We grow your business through customer loyalty

Does your customer service need a review?

Customer service is something we all think we do well, but sometimes a review of service levels is needed to help rejuvenate your team and your business. We can help.

Customer Excellence can help your business review your customer service strategy and team skills – and help you put things right.

This is a challenging time, as businesses adjust to new ways of working – and in some sectors are engaging new and potentially inexperienced team members.   The team at Customer Excellence can show you how simple customer service is and what you can do to deliver a brilliant customer experience from your team.

The Leadership and Management in your business is essential to make things happen – and we can work with you and your team to help individuals to be the best they can be, developing a brilliant team along the way.

We are a Guernsey based team, covering the Channel Islands and are here to make your life easier.

How we can help you

At Customer Excellence we deliver advice and training to help put in place a customer service strategy that considers your customers in every part of your business. We offer specialist expertise around customer experience whilst keeping things simple, practical and engaging. We help you create a customer experience that builds loyalty and turns customers into advocates. We know what works.

Leadership & management is the foundation of your business; customer service will succeed with a well managed and happy team. We can review the skills of your team to ensure you have everything in place to lead and manage your team to be the best they can be.

Strategic Reviews

A review of your service at every touch-point – where can you improve?


Training tailored to your business. Are your team the best they can be? This includes customer service, but also Leadership Management reviews.


Qualified coaches help individuals achieve goals faster. Who needs that extra push in your team?

Research shows that acquiring a new customer is 5 times the cost of keeping a current customer

How we work for you

The philosophy of Customer-Excellence is that your people are what set you apart and our simple formula delivers results by focusing on your team. Better employee engagement usually results in a better customer experience; a better experience means improved sales and loyal customers. We like to think that if employees are happier, customers become happier and everyone’s day is made that little bit happier.

We can work with your leadership team to review your customer experience and service strategy. By considering your service at every touch-point, we can help identify the opportunities for improvement. From your vision and values to reviewing the behaviours of your team – simple actions can result in happier customers.

Your people are your most important asset and we’ll help them realise their crucial role in the delivery of any customer service strategy. We keep things simple and a key focus area is the behaviours they display to customers. People like to deal with people they like and trust – and we can help your team improve their behaviours and build a better rapport with customers. We also help set up customer feedback and measurement routes so that you can set clear goals for your teams and help ensure they are meeting them.

With qualified and experienced coaches we can also work with individuals to help them identify actions they need to take to improve their performance. Coaching helps team members define and achieve professional and personal goals faster, which can help make them more effective and happier.

Why chose Customer Excellence?

Jill Clark is the founder of Customer-Excellence and a leader in customer service. She is a dedicated and highly skilled business professional with over 25 years retail experience, specialising in customer service and experience.

Jill works with colleagues at all levels – from shop floor to Board level. She is an expert in customer service, effective communication, retail best practice and leadership management; as a qualified lecturer and experienced coach she is passionate about helping individuals improve their performance. Drawing on leadership and practical experience from decades of working with individuals at every level, Jill can help others excel in their chosen role.

Jill has over 25 years of retail, business and customer service experience. She was formerly Director of Customer Service at Specsavers and was instrumental in driving customer loyalty and recommendation.  Jill has an MBA (Henley Management School) focusing on customer service and satisfaction and a Diploma in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors. Jill is also a Non Executive Director of the Channel Islands Cooperative Society.

Jill is a qualified trainer (Certificate of Education), lecturing at the Guernsey College of Further Education and the GTA University Centre. Jill is also a qualified and experienced coach (Association of Coaches).

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The training enforced what we all should know about customer service but in our busy days, we can sometimes neglect. The training was a real “light bulb” moment about refocusing and getting back to client relationship building.

-Manager, AFM

Jill’s approach was friendly, honest and approachable. Very informative and easy to follow – and engaging which is important.

-‘Customer service behaviours’ training attendee

The Customer Excellence workshop was really good – I have a list of things I now want to change as a result.  I just wish it could have been longer.

– Customer Excellence workshop attendee

Thank you – it was brilliant! I liked the interaction – everyone got a chance to speak.

– Customer Excellence workshop attendee

Fantastic experience, found it extremely helpful. Lots of really useful information with no filler.

– Leadership Excellence workshop attendee

The workshop gave an excellent insight into key areas of leadership and included reflection and actions. I give the leadership excellence course top marks.

– Leadership Excellence workshop attendee

Jill’s approach is so friendly – lots of activities and challenges kept us engaged throughout the whole session.  It was great fun – but I learned a lot as well.

– Customer Excellence workshop attendee