One to one sessions

We can hold one to one sessions with individuals to improve performance

Happier staff

Coaching helps individuals identify and face challenges.

Enabling individuals

Your best individuals can become even more effective contributors.

How we do it

With qualified and experienced coaches we can work with individuals to help them identify actions they need to take to improve their performance. Coaching helps team members define and achieve professional and personal goals faster, which can help make them more effective and happier.

This Service includes

  • A coaching series involves a number of one to one private sessions with an employee, that can help them to solve performance problems resulting in better performance from them, the team and the department.
  • Coaching can also be used on the best performers in your team, helping them become even better. Coaching can help an employee continuously improve their skills, experience and contribution to your business.
  • We also offer Executive coaching, where sessions are more focused at senior management level. We explore business related topics, as well as personal development topics in order to improve personal performance.

One to one professional coaching sessions are one of the best ways to support an individual, team and organisation to achieve their purpose and potential. Research and client feedback consistently demonstrate that top companies who engage in coaching see a significantly increased return on their investment in comparison to the coaching service cost. That is in addition to major cultural improvements with improvement in talent retention, enhanced people engagement (relationships), high performing teams (team working) and job satisfaction.

-Association for Coaching

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The training enforced what we all should know about customer service but in our busy days, we can sometimes neglect. The training was a real “light bulb” moment about refocusing and getting back to client relationship building.

-Manager, AFM

Jill’s approach was friendly, honest and approachable. Very informative and easy to follow – and engaging which is important.

-‘Customer service behaviours’ training attendee

The Customer Excellence workshop was really good – I have a list of things I now want to change as a result.  I just wish it could have been longer.

– Customer Excellence workshop attendee

Thank you – it was brilliant! I liked the interaction – everyone got a chance to speak.

– Customer Excellence workshop attendee

Fantastic experience, found it extremely helpful. Lots of really useful information with no filler.

– Leadership Excellence workshop attendee

The workshop gave an excellent insight into key areas of leadership and included reflection and actions. I give the leadership excellence course top marks.

– Leadership Excellence workshop attendee

Jill’s approach is so friendly – lots of activities and challenges kept us engaged throughout the whole session.  It was great fun – but I learned a lot as well.

– Customer Excellence workshop attendee